Steam Sterilizer (Autoclave)

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Based in Taiwan, E CHUNG MACHINERY CO., since 1975 is a cGMP pharmaceutical biotech equipment supplier. Main product including, Hot Air Sterilizer, Autoclave, Washing Machine, Tunnel Bottle Washing, Drying & Sterilizing Machine, Stills Equipment and Pure Steam Generator, Through Circulation Dryer, Super Mixing Granulator and so forth.

Following cGMP to manufacture and produce in accordance with WHO and FDA principals. Providing equipment IQ & OQ data manual, and all instruments calibrating report correspondence with cGMP. Fully Auto. LVP / Injection / Oral liquid manufacturing equipment, CIP / SIP piping design and solution service provided.

E CHUNG has been offering customers high-quality cGMP Pharmaceutical biotech equipment, both with advanced technology and 46 years of experience in the pharma and biotech equipment industry, E CHUNG ensures each customer's demands are met.

Steam Sterilizer (Autoclave)


Our plant assure sterilization in conformity with good manufacturing practices for LVPs, SVP etc. and in accordance with the cGMP issued by FDA. In short, excellent engineering coupled with efficient manufacturing.

The Autoclave has a central control panel, which houses the programmable logic controller (PLC), signal conditioning units, safety circuits and emergency switch. The Autoclave is controlled at all time by the PLC. Which contains the operation automatic screen, manual, trend graph, parameter, dynamic and password etc, screen.

In order to destroy the uniqueness of microbes and bacteria, the sterilizer is designed to withstand high-pressure steam and temperature, and use pure steam as the heating medium.
When the sterilization temperature is 121°C, the acceptable range of no-load and full-load's temperature and heat distribution is within plus or minus 0.5°C.


  • The panel use LCD touch screen control.
  • Program Flow: PLC control. Easy operation. Providing three sterilization programs or customize specifications as customers' requirements.
  • Simple & Safe operation: The automatic program provides complete and safe control to ensure safe operating condition.
  • Temperature recorder for continuous monitoring and recording the sterilization process.


  • Pharmaceutical / Hospital / Laboratory / Food / Biotech Industries.
  • For rubber stopper, glass bottle, metal bottle, aluminum cap, tank, waste,
  • For machine, filling & stainless steel fittings, clothes, sterilization clothes, filter, and filter element.
  • For terminal sterilization, PVC, PP Plastic bottle, vials, ampoules, non-infusion, and soft bag.
  • For ampoule sterilization and leaking test.
  • For animal feed and animal caglensese.
  • For equipment and system components.
  • For tool, instrument.
  • For contact lenses.


  • Sterilization chamber in SUS 316, SUS 316l and SUS 316Ti stainless steel.
  • Piping and valves directly connected with chamber in stainless steel.
  • Chamber piping all valves and fittings are sanitary class.
  • Insulation by Glass wool.
  • Automatic temperature controller.
  • Automatic temp. Recorder - 6 points or 12 points.
  • Sealed Door Packing: Use heat-resistant silicon rubber material ring packing.
  • Absolute air vent filter for prevention of sterilized product contamination.
  • One door or pass through type double doors.
  • Single wall (cylindrical chamber) or double walls (parallelepiped chamber) body.
  • All control and safety components are adapted to the higher temperature and pressure.
  • Option: RS 232 Interface is for connecting to an external computer.
Standard Model
Steam Consumption
Chamber Dimension
(W x H x D) (m/m)
External Dimension
(W x H x D) (m/m)

※ We can accept customer specify specification.

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