Hot Air Sterilizer (class 100)

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Following cGMP to manufacture and produce in accordance with WHO and FDA principals. Providing equipment IQ & OQ data manual, and all instruments calibrating report correspondence with cGMP. Fully Auto. LVP / Injection / Oral liquid manufacturing equipment, CIP / SIP piping design and solution service provided.

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Hot Air Sterilizer (class 100)


Hot Air Sterilizer machinery designed according to forced convection principle with fast hot-air transmission circulation, and then through HEPA FILTER ensures the chamber air class within 100. When hot air Temperature up to 170 ~ 260°C then reduce temperature the chamber inside the bottle, appliance, aluminum cover and rubber stopper (low temp.) completed non germ and in accordance with cGMP regulations. Before the machine leave the factory finish whole testing, provide equipment IQ & OQ data manual, and all instruments calibrating report such as sheet document, contain varied kind of gauge and temperature sensor, provide original CALIBRATION document, correspondence with cGMP requirement.

Hot air sterilizer system use human machine interface touch screen (LCD with color) and PLC sequence controller easy to operate and maintain, operation panel can set up several type of display information, according the screen to operate, adjust or install the machine. Automatic sterilizer cycle including heating → Drying → Sterilizing → Cooling → Finishing five stages. Prevent hot temperature and bottle break when cooling cycle not yet finish the door can't open.


  • The quality dependable, in according with ISO 9001 and cGMP regulation.
  • Absolute high temperature (750°F) and high efficiency HEPA filter (DOP. Test 99.97%), ensure the chamber air class within 100. (Use hot air effect HEPA filter to filter after enter chamber will complete sterilize bacteria, chamber inside bacteria quantity below 6 log (10-6).
  • Intake / exhaust choice 99.97% filter device to use.
  • Charge DOP, particle counter test hole and validation testing holes are available for inspection.
  • Prepare a validation hole to make Quality Assurance people test the FP / FH value of the chamber between the heating distribution and the heating penetration.
  • During sterilization process, the chamber inside empties temp. with ± 5°C.
  • Every filter has one pressure gauge check two-side the pressure and check filter life.
  • Intake / exhaust has one damper can compete control every cycle open and close.


  • Apply for Pharmaceuticals / Electronics / Chemicals / Foods etc. Mainly use for glass metal sterilizer and hot source effective. Such as vial, ampoule, injection bottles, aluminum cover etc.


  • This machine is designed and fabricated by high quality technique; all construction materials are made of SUS 304, 316 or 316L stainless steel and comply with cGMP standard.
  • Sealed door packing use ring silicone rubber material, ensure hot air no leakage.
  • Adjustable inlet and outlet damper for chamber heat distribution.
  • Sealed interior chamber (Argon welding) and stainless steel chamber permit washing the chamber.
  • Single door or pass through type double door available.
  • Auto controller has two Temp. control ensure operate safely.
  • The sterilizer has two-door design that separates the sterilizer from the washing room and sterilized room.
  • The bottles loading are from washing room side after sterilization completion products unloading are only from sterilizing room side.
  • The door control use interlock device to avoid different air class causing contamination.
  • Sterilizer trolley use stainless and sterilizer tray can harmony with filling machine use.
ModelChamber Dimension
(W x H x D)
External Dimension
(W x H x D)
Heater (KW)Fan (HP)Max Temp. (°C)
ECHS-15850 x 1000 x 10002000 x 2100 x 1350151280
ECHS-18850 x 1200 x 10002000 x 2300 x 1350182280
ECHS-24850 x 1500 x 10002200 x 2600 x 1350242280
ECHS-301000 x 1650 x 12202150 x 2750 x 1570303280
ECHS-361200 x 1650 x 12202350 x 2750 x 1570363280
ECHS-451600 x 1650 x 13002750 x 2750 x 1570455280

* We can accept customer specify specification.