Continuous Feeding I.R. Oven

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ECHUNG Continuous Feeding I.R. Oven Service Introduction

ECHUNG Machinery Co. is a Taiwanese cGMP Pharmaceutical Biotech Equipment supplier and manufacturer with more than 40 years' experience.

Since 1975, ECHUNG has been offering customers high quality cGMP Pharmaceutical Biotech devices. With both advanced technology and 40 years' experience in the Pharmaceutical and Biotech equipment industry, ECHUNG makes sure to meet each customer's demand.

Continuous Feeding I.R. Oven


IR heating use of stainless steel light panel or reflector, high efficiency, high reflective heat transfer power to achieve the best results, apply product dehydration / drying / screen / printing the plastic / shrink pre-packaged / viscose hardening / resin insulation / solder heat / mass production of metal parts hot / paint dry, consistent operations, can be connected to automation equipment, automatic reclaimer preheating, automatic processing and other processes.


  • Temp. Range: Room Temp. ~ 200°C.
  • Use inverter to control drive speed smoothly, quality stable. Good heat insulation, good temp distribution, saving energy.
  • Depends on customer demand, support various layout and convey design. Can select different type of convey belt also.


ModelWIDTH(cm)External Dim.
Infeed Dim. (cm)Heating Dim. (cm)Outfeed Dim. (cm)Power (Kw)


  • For PCB, Membrane Switch, Keypad products backing / Drying / Tin solder heating / Preheating etc. Connected with other Auto-line like as loading, cleaning, packing, equipment.