Clean Room Oven

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ECHUNG Clean Room Oven Service Introduction

ECHUNG Machinery Co. is a Taiwanese cGMP Pharmaceutical Biotech Equipment supplier and manufacturer with more than 40 years' experience.

Since 1975, ECHUNG has been offering customers high quality cGMP Pharmaceutical Biotech devices. With both advanced technology and 40 years' experience in the Pharmaceutical and Biotech equipment industry, ECHUNG makes sure to meet each customer's demand.

Clean Room Oven


Clean oven to provide samples to detect a stable working environment is clean and dry equipment of a special high-temperature cleaning up the environment. A closed air circulation within the loop, temperature HEPA filters, in a clean state of the oven chamber.


  • Circulation blower use special shaft to prevent chamber contamination problem.
  • Install extra nitrogen vent to prevent product oxidation and improve chamber cleaning.
  • Use SCR control, PID display. Distribution more stable and show curve easily.
  • High efficiency and high temp. Heap filter differential pressure gauge device.
  • Safety device-Over temp. protection and power shut down automatically.


ModelInterior Dim.
W x D x H (cm)
Exterior Dim.
W x D x H (cm)
CR-5050 x 70 x 65107 x 87 x 1515KW
CR-6060 x 70 x 70117 x 87 x 1566KW
CR-8080 x 70 x 100137 x 87 x 1868KW
CR-100100 x 70 x 130160 x 90 x 22010KW
CR-120120 x 70 x 150180 x 90 x 24012KW


  • For Clean room use.
  • For Precision Electronics / Pharmaceuticals / Chips / PCB.