Automatic Ultrasonic Washing Machine (For Vial & Ampoules)

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Automatic Ultrasonic Washing Machine (For Vial & Ampoules)


This equipment continuity type washing machine, suit to continuity produce small injection bottle (like vial bottle, ampoule, injection tub... etc) pass through ultrasonic trough oscillate, use high pressure water spray bottle interior and exterior, multiple rinsing process, Circulation water rinsing / Pure water rinsing / WFI rinsing / Clean high pressed air rinsing.


  • This equipment use rotary continuous rinsing, operator only in machine front to put bottle, whole line all is automatic interlock interaction, automatic control safety protect device, completed ultrasonic rinsing, spray rinsing and spray air process, let bottle interior non stain, and pure water & WFI recycling can economize resource. Structure use SUS 304 stainless steel; liquid contact parts use SUS 316 stainless steel, rinsing piping use SUS 316L sanitary type, fit rinsing source install filter and ensure bottle is completed clean.


  • Material: inner contact of SUS 316L, SUS 304 stainless steel for the external plate.
  • Ultrasonic (Oscillator): 1∮220V 600W.
  • Recycled water heater: 3∮220 / 380V 4.5KW total of two groups 9KW.
  • Washing main drive: 3∮220 / 380V 2HP
  • Conveyor motor: 1∮220V 90W
  • Water recycling pump: 3∮220 / 380V 2HP (1.32KW)
  • Recycling water filter: efficiency 5.0uM; sanitary SUS 316 Housing 10 "L
  • Injection Water filters: efficiency 0.2uM; sanitary SUS 316 Housing 10 "L


  • Bottle washing for Pharmaceutical (Vial and Ampoule).