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ECHUNG Company Profile Introduction

ECHUNG Machinery Co. is a Taiwanese cGMP Pharmaceutical Biotech Equipment supplier and manufacturer with more than 40 years' experience.

Since 1975, ECHUNG has been offering customers high quality cGMP Pharmaceutical Biotech devices. With both advanced technology and 40 years' experience in the Pharmaceutical and Biotech equipment industry, ECHUNG makes sure to meet each customer's demand.

Company Profile

Welcome to E CHUNG

E CHUNG MACHINERY COMPANY is established in 1975, we have an accumulated experience for 30 years, specialized in manufacturing of pharmaceuticals/foods equipment, all equipment according to cGMP requirement, our client to spread all over TAIWAN, china and south east ASIA (INDONESIA, PHILIPPINES, BANGLADESH, VIETNAM) etc.

Our agent provided perfects the service and technology in the world. Now in TAIWAN area already executed the cGMP, we also follow cGMP to manufacture and product in accordance with WHO and FDA principal, provide equipment IQ & OQ data manual, and all instruments calibrating report correspondence with cGMP. In this recently year us develop machine of new performance and manufacture process to reach production line complete. We acquire ISO 9001 in 2002 year our goal is "QUALITY NO.1 AND CUSTOMER SUPREME" to conform international level and promote product of quality.

Fully Auto. LVP / Injection / Oral Liquid Manufacturing Equipment.
CIP / SIP Piping design and solution service.

SVP - For vial, ampoule.
LVP - For glass bottle, plastic bottle, membrane bag.

Main Products

  • Hot Air Sterilizer
    • Application: Vial, AMPULS and Stainless steel vessel etc. Sterilization.
    • Temperature: Normal use 260°C ± 5°C, Maximum set 300°C.
    • Class: within 100.
  • Autoclave (Steam Sterilizer)
    • Temperature: Normal use 121°C ± 1°C, General set 90 ~ 126°C.
    • Application: Solution, injection (Vial & AMPULS) etc, final sterilization, sterile clothes sterilization and vacuum drying, LVP glass bottle, plastic bottle and soften bag sterilization and hot water circulation sterilization, meantime can do bottle's leak test to check it whether broken or not.
  • Washing Machine (Semi Auto)
    • Kind: Tray type and rotary type.
    • Application: Injection solution, vial, AMPULS, LVP solution bottle etc. Washing.
  • Tunnel Washing / Drying / Sterilizing Machine For Bottles
    • Application: Vial, AMPULS, washing / drying / sterilizer fully automatic continuous operation.
    • Engineer Procedure: Bottle Infeed → Ultrasonic Oscillation Washing → Bottle Inside & Outside Spraying → Air During → Drying → High Temperature Sterilization → Filtration Cooling → Bottle Output to Filling Room.
  • Stills Equipment And Pure Steam Generator
    • Kind: Single effect stills and multiple effect stills.
    • Application: Water for injection (WFI) manufacture and steam in place (SIP) sterilization Use.
    • Capacity: 50 ~ 3,000 liter/hr.
  • Through Circulation Dryer
    • Application: Powder and granule etc. Product drying, to force hot air circulation, drying efficiency fast, abort general oven 2 ~ 3 time, chamber temperature very uniform and save time.
  • Dryer Of Bottles
    • Application: General tablet, capsule, powder etc.
    • Glass bottle, plastic bottle drying.
    • Temperature: Normal use 50°C ~ 150°C, Maximum set 200°C.
  • Super Mixing Granulator
    • Kind: Lie type and stand type.
    • Application: Mixing powder and powder, powder and adhesive solution etc. Wet Granulation.
  • Vacuum Dryer
    • Application: Any powder liquid ingredient suction vacuum drying, concentration and Crystal vacuum drying.
  • Stainless Steel Mixing & Storage Tank
    • Application: Any injection solution mixing, stir or storage etc. Function, the product Contact polish can up to 320 ~ 400 mesh.