Circulation System | Taiwan_Based Pharmaceutical & Biotech Manufacturing Equipment For 46 Years | E CHUNG MACHINERY CO.

Circulation System / E CHUNG with Global specialty pharmaceutical equipment factory as the goal to create more advanced pharmaceutical equipment.

Circulation System - 46 Years PIC/S GMP Pharmaceutical Biotech Equipment Manufacturer | E CHUNG MACHINERY CO.

Based in Taiwan since 1975, E CHUNG MACHINERY CO., is a pharmaceutical and biotech processing equipment manufacturer. Main products, including Circulation System, autoclaves, WFI, water systems, pure steam generators, superheat water sterilizers, vial washing machines, tunnel sterilizers, and, in particular, hot air and steam sterilizers.

E CHUNG company is a more than 46 years' profession experience in pharmaceutical sterilization equipment manufacturer, our customers over worldwide; Sterilization machines are manufactured in line with current international standards (EU standards, US standards, GMP and GAMP etc.)

E CHUNG has been providing customers high-quality cGMP pharmaceutical and biotech processing equipment, both with advanced technology and 46 years of experience, E CHUNG ensures each customer's demands are met.